Federation Vetting Form

The Purpose of this form is to gather personal information for the purposes of screening candidates for positions requiring thorough vetting like treasurer, etc. All information is confidential, and will not be shared outside of the Continental Marshals vetting Team and the Federation, and will only be used for the purpose of verifying that you are who you say you are, and that your intentions are admirable.

  1. Create an Account to save your form progress. (Optional but recommended).  Use Safe Draft at bottom of form to save your progress at any time to revisit or edit later.
  2. Pay for a Background Check here.
    If you have already paid then send an email to Jim Fulton (wa-jimfulton@mail.americanstatenationals.us) saying when and how it was paid.
  3. Jim will run the background check and send it back to you when completed.
  4. You will then fill out this form to request an appointment.
  5. You will upload the Background check .pdf into the form as well.
  6. You will need to have 5 references for people that have known you for at least 2 years. Make sure at least two are from your Assembly.
  7. Once the form is completed you will be placed in line. Depending on the position applied for will determine if it is high priority or not.
  8. You will be notified ahead of time for your interview.
  9. The Marshals are going from West Coast to East Coast, and taking High Priority at the same time..
  10. Priority will be given to new Coordinators or Co-Coordinators, Treasury/Banking people, and Marshal-At-Arms.
  11. Please be patient as we implement this new process and catch up on the back log.

Thank You

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Federation Vetting Form

Personal Information

Your Full Name *
Middle or "NONE"
Other Name of reference
Where were you Born?
When were you Born?

State Assembly Info

Background Info

Prior Military?
Prior Law Enforcement?
Ever Arrested?
Please detail your law enforcement background below. Include:  Organization, City, State & County, dates of employment, reason for leaving.
Include City, State, County and when you served
Briefly describe your arrest history and any resulting charges. Please divulge each offense where a victim and/or property was involved, any charges, dates, your age at the time and any time served.
Briefly describe your arrest history. Include your age and why you were detained.

Service Info

If you served in multiple branches/components, click Add Component to duplicate fields.

Disclosure statement

Before we research your background, are there any other details you may want us to know prior to us finding it? Civil or sealed cases, Additional identities, club affiliations, family or affiliate associations, etc. Please provide in the space below.

Social Media

Do you have any Social Media accounts?

Social Media Accounts

Please copy and paste hyperlinks to your social Media Pages with associated account/username if different from URL. (Navigate to your account in a browser and copy paste the link from the URL bar. ) Please Include any personal web pages or blogs.


Please provide five (5) references below; A MINIMUM OF TWO (2) ASSEMBLY MEMBER REFERENCES. Remaining three (3) may be personal or professional references that have known you for at least 3 years. Click "Add Reference" to add fields, up to 5 sets. Attempts will be made to reach all references.
Reference Relationship Type
Reference Name
Reference Name

Uploads & Notes

Drag & Drop files or click in the square to upload.
Maximum upload size: 8MB
Upload a clear photo or scan of you credential card or other photo ID. 8mb max. file size.
Maximum upload size: 8MB
PDF file of paid-for background check. 8mb max. file size.
Maximum upload size: 29.36MB
Birth Certificate is for verification of data only and is not stored.
Maximum upload size: 8MB
DD214, etc. Any additional documents that aid in vetting you. 8mb max. file size.

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