About the Continental Marshal Service

The Continental Marshals Service, formerly and popularly known as Federal Marshals, is a Special Service ordained by the American states and people to protect and preserve their rights and prerogatives retained under Article X of the Federal Constitution and the original equity agreement known as The Constitution for the united States of America. It is the duty of the Continental Marshals Service to protect and preserve all non-delegated international rights and prerogatives of the American states and people and to prevent any usurpation or abrogation of these rights and prerogatives.

The international rights retained by the American states and people include but are not limited to the right to trade internationally, the right to free egress to and from each state and to and from other countries as allowed by treaty and custom, the right of each state to secure their international borders, the right to maintain Public Law and order within each state and county, the right to claim and maintain public and private property, respectively, within the borders of each state, the right to limit and regulate the activities of federal agencies and personnel including territorial and municipal citizens engaged in custodial property caretaking and asset management activities on state soil, the right to require identification of all federal personnel and foreign employees of federal agencies and treaty partners, the right to indict and try federal personnel and employees of federal agencies accused of crimes committed on state soil, the right to maintain and operate Federal Postal District Courts for this purpose, the right to extradite state natives held by any other state or held in federal custody within 72 hours of arrest for any non-capital crime, the right to issue state or local currencies for the purpose of their own domestic or international trade, the right to keep and maintain a well-armed state militia, the right to maintain local peacekeeping officers including Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs and deputies serving the land jurisdiction of each county, the right to establish, restore, and/or maintain American Common Law Courts to serve the living people and adjudicate disputes pertaining to privately held assets, the right to freely socialize and communicate with each other and the other nations of the world, the right to form and maintain agreements and treaties among the states and with other countries within their undelegated powers, the right to maintain a separate legislature to serve the land jurisdiction of each state, and also the maintenance of townships, parishes and/or county assemblies to ensure the republican self-governance of each geographically defined county, the right to monitor and regulate the activities of federal corporations and Foreign Agents operating on state soil, the right to reform the federal government by joint action of the states, the right of legal and physical defense against any usurpation of their undelegated rights and dominions by any federal entity including any federated territorial state franchise or county or individual organization franchise or any individual employee thereof as well as any foreign country.

All these and more retained international powers of the American states and people are protected and enforced by the Continental Marshals Service.

The duties of the Continental Marshals Service include monitoring the activities of declared and undeclared Foreign Agents on American soil, international treaty enforcement owed to the American states and people, arrest and deportation of federal territorial and municipal citizens engaged in criminal activities on state soil, extradition of state natives held in federal and territorial state custody for non-capital and victimless crimes, protection and enforcement services for the Federal Postal District Courts in their areas, protection of the Post Roads and Post Masters in their service areas, protection of the land jurisdiction state and county governments and their associated elected officials, prevention of counterfeiting, fraud, identity theft, impersonation, false advertising and other malicious international business practices, pre-emption and prevention of international human trafficking and press-ganging, pre-emption and prevention of the sale of slaves, illegal substances and other contraband goods, pre-emption and prevention of international inland piracy, foreign conscription, unlawful conversion of public or private assets, foreign operations being conducted under color of law or false flag actions on American soil, and overall pre-emption and prevention of usurpation against any undelegated right or prerogative owed to the American states and people.

The Continental Marshals Service forms a vital interface for interaction with other federal departments and agencies operated in common by the states and people as delegated authorities. As such, the Continental Marshals are responsible for direct communication with their counterparts in the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, DHS, U.S. Justice Department and other delegated service providers, acting to ensure that there is a common understanding of the limits of delegated federal jurisdiction, the international nature of that jurisdiction, and the protections owed to the American states and people who are not territorial or municipal citizens, who do not choose to engage in international commerce, and who are not subject to federal presumption or regulation.

Forging this greater understanding among the delegated and non-delegated functions of the American Government at all levels, is a necessary and urgent task that must be fostered by individuals willing to devote their lives to protecting the undelegated rights and prerogatives of the American states and people. To that end, Continental Marshals are called upon to exert the utmost professionalism, self-discipline, diplomacy, and reasoned conduct in the accomplishment of all their duties and communications.

The Continental Marshals Service stands upon the firm structure and foundation provided by The Constitution owed to the American states and people and acts in support and defense of The Constitution and in accord with the Public Law at all times. As the only federal-level peacekeeping force and the only one devoted to defending and protecting the undelegated powers of the American states and people, the Continental Marshals Service operates at the highest level of international law enforcement and conducts itself accordingly.

All Continental Marshals are thoroughly and rigorously vetted to ensure that each Continental Marshal meets the highest standards of performance, character and commitment. Each candidate is tested and must demonstrate their abilities prior to affirming their Oath and continuing their education together with the concurrent expansion of their responsibilities and authorities. Senior Marshals have many years of experience enforcing constitutional, martial and/or commercial international law and are competent to engage their counterparts in the delegated military and United States civilian services.

The Continental Marshals Service has been restored by joint action of the organic American states and people and is being operated in accord with The Constitution. The Continental Marshals Service operates in international jurisdiction and under the retained undelegated international powers and authorities of the American states and people referenced in Article X. The Continental Marshals Service operates within designated and numbered service areas as shown on the accompanying map and each Marshal is assigned to a specific service area, however, all Marshals are enabled to travel to any other service area to provide assistance and support as needed.

Continental Marshals work closely with state militias and local county sheriffs and in concert with those federal government agencies and departments which exercise delegated powers to pre-empt and prosecute international crime, treaty violations, usurpation against the retained non-delegated powers of the American states and people, malicious commercial crimes including identity theft, copyright infringement, abuse of trademarks, counterfeiting, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, false commercial advertising, involuntary foreign conscription, interstate and international banking and securities fraud, kidnapping, tax fraud, invasion, human and illegal substance trafficking, and all other crimes of a commercial and international nature that adversely impact the American states and people.

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